Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Stalker House

Sono riuscito a fare un video ma non ha sound. Stavamo cercando di avvicinarci a questa casa, Yrral sostiene che si tratti della casa degli Stalker, quando abbiamo sentito un grido orribile. Ora cercheremo di entrare.

I could make a video but sound. We were trying to approach this house, Yrral argues that this is the house of the Stalker, when we heard a horrible scream. Now we will try to enter.

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Anonymous said...

ok tom... so, are you still using your mobile phone? if the answer is yes , how many batteries did you carry to aladygma zone? or do you charge your phone in aladygma zone? Do you think we are all stupid... No one is still interested in this shit and I'm really depressed I spent my time searching for an answer that you haven't got... your videos are horrible!