Thursday, August 21, 2008

Special News!

The last days were strange ... but also special.
I received photos of my son !!!!! I will show as soon as possible.
So my son is alive!
the photos sent me a paparazzo who signed as in the Film Star Wars : Darth Vater.
I had to laugh as i saw this :D

So this coincides with the inscription METEORA TEVARDARTH on
Finally a clue that works!

in the meantime, I continued my training. Thanks to Lucero and Sean and all the others, you are wonderful! I had to move from the beach only because another paparazzo photographed at me! And I feel fear that even someone take a photo of Sarah.
I'm preparing for the visit to Varlaam. I learned from that aladygma.blogspot find news about the monster, my son and a time machine.

I don´t know what I wil find there really, so i am a bit afraid.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I feel like a baby. I have no idea what i really have to do. I follow some clues, i follow the help of Humans and Soldiers groups by Facebook. But i do not feel i am doing something right. What is the meaning of all this? I have to learn. I was too hard with some people in last days. Everybody does what is possible. I am sorry for what i said. I got many mails telling me, maybe i am not wrong, but nobody here is a superman. So, i have to face it: i must grow- I must be patient, learn what is important and what is not. It´s not easy: thing are going to slowly, when i think to my Son. But things are also going to fast, when i think to my mission, and when I do not understand, how exactly can I help my girlfriend Sarah and all the contamined people out there. I have to learn: my luck is not to arrive to the zone. It is, to understand what is my place in this world, what i am doing here, what is the meaning of my life, my role, my mission. I thought first, that is a bad dream. Then i thought, maybe is just a game. Now i am in. And I have to swim.
So i ask sorry for everyone i was too hard too. Please understand one: i am not the MAKER of this story, i am a player like you are. And is sometimes really TOO MUCH!
my nerves are not playing with. But i will try to go on. to get better!

In the Land Rover(thanks soldiers and humans for your clues!) I found a paper with one adress, "olympic beach" and a tel. number. I called there, the same man like last time, but another number. He told me, i will have to do a lot of things to be OK for the Mission.
First of all: i can not do my mission if i am not fit. My body must be trained. I must find someone that help me in this training.
I should ask all the Humans and Soldiers how is the better way to make a training on the beach.

what the hell.... come on...must I?????? I have other problems in my head (mY SON!!!) as to loose weight.....

...but no, i have no chance, he told me, i MUST get a better body for this job.
I have no idea if someone can help me in this. And, ehy, maybe is some sun and water ok for Sarah.
So i will drive tomorrow my Land Rover with Sarah to the katerini olympic beach, and i will start this training if someone tell me wich plan.

It is not easy, to act, when you know your child is somewhere in the hands of someone bad. But slowly I feel a new power, i feel, that i am getting stronger and the training and everything will help me to find and help my son.