Sunday, September 21, 2008


Since I was by NG_Mui, in Meteora, I feel much stronger. I have learned so much.
She would like to make me become a hero, a sort of super hero, but well....I am not. Not yet. I am a simple person.
But I will do everything in order to save Sarah and to find my son !
The new Leader of the Humans, Jay Novello, makes a very good job. Even General Carmine and all other Officers Soldiers!

Last Night Ng_Mui had a vision, has seen a woman who should know more about my son. This woman has her diary or Notes hidden in a house near the elevator. I have got the Adress.
Someone was following me like a shadow, that´s the reason i am Running in the Film. Sorry.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


I have made a "thank you!" -Video for everyone helping me to find my Son Larry.
If you have a Video on youtube, that try to help me about Larry, pleade tell me ere on comments. Thanks!

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Many days have passed since I wrote the last time. And today I have a special reason!
I explain from the beginning:

My visit to Meteora was longer than expected. I'm still here, now, and I write from one of the dark rooms of this "church".

The person had to meet was not a man but a woman. A priestess. This lady told me about a lot. Not only she has the magical forces, taught me the secrets of an ancient martial art, I can not tell too much. I'm still learning. I discovered to have many fears in me, who are from the past. I have to be stronger than these fears, in order to enter the Zone.
She was all the time with me, now the High Priestess is away, for a month away, for a mission, and I was left alone to continue the training.

The priestess is a strange person, she seems very young, but told me to have more than 100 years!

So, and she left me a brand new Iphone. I am not such a tec-freak, so i must say, i had no idea how this THING works. My last Phone was a Siemens A65.

But is easier as i supposed. So I used the Iphone for calling, texting and occasional photos. There was also internet connectivity, but slow and painful, that´s because of the Location here in Meteora, i believe.

And she left a message on it. I have to call a certain number, to hear the Message, and when I feel weak, I can call this number, and I immediately feel better. There i can hear her voice. I can not use this issue more than once a week. She jokingly calls it my "Befreiphone" (German), - because i was living in germany-...which means something like my phone - for- getting - free.

And now comes the problem:
Unfortunately, the number she left me... I lost!
Please, help me find this number!