Thursday, October 23, 2008

Someone want to come with me to the Zone

I was trying to decide what to do, sitting in a bar, and one person has approached me. A guy, mysterious, with sunglasses. I was scared, but i also felt that i should not be afraid. He said he would bring me to the Zone or come with me there.
First, i said NO. But he says that he will be useful. Every time that I am close to him, I feel like a thick on my head. Something tells me that I can trust him. But I do even not trust my thoughts!
If he only ould removed hisglasses. I do not like if I can not see someone in the eyes-

Thursday, October 16, 2008

i’m really insicure

I would like to understand what´s happening. Photos of my son have been seen. Should I stay in Meteora to save it? But I know that I can not stay long, my training is finished, the trip expect me, and I have not much time.
If I remain, saving maybe my son, but loosing Sarah... and humanity is lost.
Lord help me. How to decide???!!!