Sunday, March 23, 2008


Today i was really p... off because of all bad comments.

I should learn!!! I should buy a pregnant - Test. Am i the Father, or are "they" like she said? Oh my God, what do i am thinking of.
No, no really ... I should stop this blog and stop reading all mails and comments.
The only thing i want is: that Sarah do not goes crazy. She talks about UFOs an Monsters. She Talks about abductions and destruction. She means, something is coming. Some things happened here, i could believe too in this. Some things. But i want to live a normal life and stop it. I dON´T WANT TO BELIEVE IT.

I do not really know what is going on. Is she right, is she getting crazy, what is
What is the f... Org. really.
What are they doing. Wich comments are fake, wich are real. Are they meaning me? I don´t know. YOU TOLD ME this on comment. So I saw the letters on aladygma. But maybe is not about me.

AND: Who are YOU?

This are strange Days :(
I feel like living in a Movie. The world around me, in this little Student Room is fucking real.
Too little sometimes.

One more: I will never tell you if Sarah is the Girl on Photo.
Why should i? Would you?
However, i don´t want to risk something. I love her more than ever. I´m afraid for her.
I hope nothing bad happens.

But hey volks, if you believe i am so naiv to believe on your Mafia Comments, well, you are crazy.

So, it´s Midnight here in Austria, I go sleep, Sarah is quiet. Maybe next day is a better day.



Friday, March 21, 2008


Sarah (yes, that´s her Name) believe, she is pregnant!
She believe, i am not the Father. She believe, THEY are.

A organisation called FTWSpace contacted her. Please God help me to understand, help me find a way out.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

My Girlfriends Drawings

I have been waiting to post again, because everything is scaring me.
Ok, some of you are really kind to me, thanks for all the comments.
1)I am German, my English is not good. 2) i obviosly know "Cloverfield". BUT FOLKS THAT`S ONLY A MOVIE!!!!! A good Movie, I like it too, but....that, what´s happening here is true.

And those are 2 of my Girlfriend Drawings. The first one I can´t understand. The second seems to be a Creature. I can not say more about this, but much more than you i don´t know too.

Monday, March 10, 2008


So, that´s really too much.
This is a bigger "game", too big for me, as i could ever imagine.
i got some helping comments,i would like to answer, but too many Things are happening, I don t know who can I trust, who not. I talked with the Police, they also told me, I should not speak about it with someone. I´d really should close this Blog. I just can tell, i beliebve this is not something just happening to us, that´s happening everywhere.

My Girlfriend is like changed. She sit there and draws some strange stuff. Maybe I will show one of those drawings, bevor I close the Blog.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

What´s going on????

Yesterday we were in bed, sleeping, as my girlfriend heard some noise. I had drunk a little bit too much the night before, so i did not hear. She went to see what´s happening on the floor, opened the door, and came this light. It was like light but it was warm, like something else. I was ill at ease in my sleep, so i woke up, and i saw for a second the light. My girlfriend closed the door, and came to me, i asked: "was ist los! Was war das!?" (what´s happening, what was it) but she did not tell a word. From this moment till now she is like shocked. She told me later just that she heard first a strange noise, like a fine sound, a blocked, long hooter or something like that, she opened te door and immediatly came this long warm flash, she just saw like a real big man, behind the light, but she can not be sure, it was a man or something else. Something like a big head. She slept long after she told me this. Today she is feeling better but i still don´t know, what´s happening. SOmeone want to make us crazy. I really have no idea what´s going on. I thought about call the polie, but what an i say. I just became some warning mails. And I saw a light. I thing they could believe i am mad. I hope my girlfriend will go better. Maybe we should ask if we can change the room 211 for another one. Maybe this "people" knows we are here.
My god, what do i am telling here???? i really think i go crazy. stop now, i don´t want to think about that shit anymore!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

StudiVZ,aladygma and my girlfriend

About 2 day ago i had to delete my StudiVZ Account, too many people are asking and serching me and i was afraid, they could find my girlfriend. So please, let us leave in peace. Now I know which Site is talking about us: .
I have no idea what this "aladygma" is. So i tell you, i have nothing to do with it. I have no idea why on the site they wrote "Thomas Student Room 211", but definetely: I am not THAT Thomas!.


So, i have many new Videos of my Student-life, me and my girlfriend. But just because I want try to keep some privacy, i will mostly show Fotos and not Videos in my Blog. My Girlfriend is not shy, she is a good looking one :-) but she is also a little bit afraid of whats happening in the last time, all those E-Mails- but i believe this Hype will soon dye, because volk, like i said, i have nothing to do with this story.

Crazy internet world!!!

So, i started this Blog just for fun, and today i think about closing it!
I got so many bad mails, because of my english. I said, i can not so good english!
I said i am german. And i don´t understand why i got so many Visitors! Someone told about a Thomas Student in a Site, and now all the World believe i am that one? I still don´t know wich homepage told about me, but what s the meaning of this???

That´s funny but also scarry me. Strange is that people asking me what ist about the Room 211. I believe someone is joking with me, and i don´t know why. I never told about that room! Just on you tube i wrote "room 211" because the room 211 is the room where do i will live with my Girlfriend in Austria. But where exactly, i will never say! I believe someone want to joke with us and that could be dangerous.
I got also a really scary, serious E-Mail from a organisation, telling me about something i should be afraid for, and THAT`S NOT REALLY FUNNY VOLKS!!!!!!
I don´t believe in those UFO/Alien Abduction *'#@!!!

So, that´s all,