Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I must say, you are really GREAT! THANKS to everyone who's helping me!!! And thanks to translate my Video!!

I know (THANK YOU!!!!) now where is the place, the ALADYGMA ZONE, near to the Great Tomb of Verghina, or Great Tomb of Vergina (Verghina, Greece).
So i have a Chance to start my Mission and to save Sarah, and all the people living IT.
And you have found the Medaillon, The Sun of Vergina, found in the Tomb! I have no words to say how much i believe now in the most of you.
So please, help me now to find the right way to Verghina. Everybody knows how to come there. But I need a apecial Map for this. Not just a google map or something like that- it's an ancien Map - i believe. Because only that WAY brings me to all the People and Situation, that I HAVE TO meet. The ALADYGMA ZONE is not a simple Zone, is ... how to say...like a "living", "intelligent" Zone. If I come from the Wrong Site, i will die. And Andrei will leave me alone to die. He told me that. Andrei told me he had one Map, last time when he was there. But then he lost it. But...how to believe him? I never saw him. Maybe he is a part of the Zone. Maybe is a "product" if the Zone. I do not know exactly. But he will get the Medaillon, when everything goes right. And he promised me to help me...to help us. I need much of you Humans helping me, and some Soldier- this will be a long way. A big experience. I hope, not the last experience.


Saturday, June 7, 2008

My Answers

I try to give you some Answers.
I had too much questions, so please understand me, i could not answer all.
For more answers i will use my blog!

I speak in italian, thats easyer for me. Sorry, i hope someone will translate it.
I had to change my voice because i have to keep my identity safe-sorry also for that. just play the video some faster and you will understand more.


Video was too long. I have to divide it in 2.


Someone wrote me:

Is the "sun" on Sarah's back similar to this?
Man you are right!!


But i don´t know why, from where does it comes- does someone know this Sun-Symbol???
I did not see this hidden Whitespace on the Aladygma Site. I have to find the code!
Are they helping me or what???

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Thanks for all your question. This is a lot... i will try to answer the more i can.
i am writing with my left Hand bacause i had a fight and my right arm is broken. so it will take some days to make the video. please be patient.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Please ask me!

    • We have not much time anymore. I will answer many of your question. So please send me all your question as a comment here. I wait 48 Hours than I go make the Video-Interview.

    This is the last chance for you to ask me something here, because after that i will have to go to my Mission.

    So, Questions untill now since i have been here (some of the best):

  • Is thomas dahlem your real name?

  • Where is Sarah?

  • What is aladygma?

  • what is your mission?

  • Where is Mary?

  • Why don't you trust the CSI reporter?

  • I´dont understand. This is part of a movie, game or what ever, but "they" are playing whit you and your girlfriend? Why don´t you tell us all what is really happen?

  • Are you now working for ftwspace? or the alien?

  • What position are you in?

  • who is the man that took sarah??

  • you have drawn a symbol in the first page including a sword and .. a tear? embryo? comma?

  • What is the "meat grinder?"

  • How time we have?

  • Aladygma has something to do with Cloverfield?

  • Are the aliens are involved?

  • What is A.??

  • When it all will happen?

  • What means all pictures on Aladygma and in your notebook? I understand, that you can't explain all, but at least - more important things.

  • What is "Sad Clown"???

  • Are "THEM" Aliens???

  • What is Room 211??

  • why in aladygma website whe have photos of the room 211, we have a link to your book and they send to somebody the photo of the elevator on the hotel that you where whit your girl?

  • Why your video on youtube, where on the ack whe see something falling from the sky, seems to have connections whith the last scene of cloverfield, where we actually se the thing that was falling, hitting the water?

  • What means all pictures on Aladygma and in your notebook? I understand, that you can't explain all, but at least - more important things.

  • Is it all really hapening with real people, or it's just a promo for new film?

  • What means 00|11|22|8

  • What means 00|11|28|28

  • is going to happen something on 10th of august of 2008

  • How could Sarah tell she was pregnant after just 2 weeks

  • 18th of December, 2008 - is that the estimated date of birth for Sarah's [and your?] baby?

  • Did you meet Sarah in NYC? Were you there during the 911 attacks? Were you in a car crash?

  • Where are your parents?

  • What is the significance of the whitespace roster as well as the infinity/8x8 symbol? Why did you draw them, and why did Sarah?

  • And does Sarah have a StudiVZ account? I've been contacted by someone of the name but I'm not sure if I can trust it...

  • Michael Swartz you know? Who is it?

  • Is "aladygma" a project by J.J. Abrams?

  • are you human, did aliens pregnate sarah

  • Who is Andrei

  • Can tell more about the disease Sarah?

  • Last whitespace from aladygma.com: Little Germany (http://aladygma.com/little-germany/). What you think about it?

  • what is amgydala, the site?

  • are you ready? for what?

  • What are the main names of the people involved in all this?
    and what is the role of each? (Good and Evil)

  • Are there good aliens?

  • What is Aladygma is it good is it bad?

  • Does it have something to do with the end of the world or Cloverfield?

  • where are you???

  • what is map A.???

  • aladygma is real??

  • aladygma is about aliens?

  • where is sarah?

  • what is your mission?

  • star date: 30 july?????

  • How can i help?

  • sre aliens our friends or our enemies?

  • why some people say that you are a liar?

  • how can we help you? can we play a more important role in this war? we dont want to be neutrals...

  • are you with teddy?

  • can we defeat the monsters of cloverfield?

  • is sam j jarb trustable?

  • the experiment who escaped from the project aladygma and destoyed chuai station, is the only monster, or are many more of them?

  • Are you related to the site aladygma.com?

  • Do you know the meaning of the numbers that constantly change as you click some withespaces in aladygma.com?

  • Do you know what's the thing that appears blured in one of the pictures where a room is completely destroyed? if so, what it is?

  • What are the sites or blogs that we have to be reviewed after you marches to your mission?

  • Is Aladygma linked to Fringe (an upcoming TV Show)?

  • Why did you write italian phrases in your diary?

  • what's the relation between aladygma and 9/11/2001 ande expecially twin towers???

  • --Con i continui riferimenti al film "Alien" volevi farci capire che sta succedendo + o meno la stessa cosa a Sarah e ad altre ragazze?

  • --Cos'era quello che all'apparenza sembrava un cadavere nella foto della stanza d'ospedale su Aladygma.com?

  • __Perchè in quella stanza completamente distrutta c'è una tua cartella clinica

  • __Chi è la persona accovacciata al suolo e censurata che si vede al centro della stanaza?

  • __Perchè cerchi la valigetta che è presente sempre nella suddetta foto? Ho notato che ne hai fatto un disegno anche sulla tua agenda...

  • --E' Sarah la ragazza con la targhetta al collo presente nel penultimo White space?

  • --Sei davvero di origini italiane?

  • --Quali sono i cognomi dei tuoi genitori?

  • --Di quale parte dell'Italia è originario tuo padre?

  • --Dany McDavid è quindi una donna?

  • --Quando partirai per la tua missione non potresti portare qualcuno di noi con te?

  • Do you or Sarah have another accounts in social networks like Xing, Facebook, mySpace etc? I know you from StudiVZ

  • Do you have youtube-account?

  • And: where are you online

  • Why is Leonardo Da vinci involved in this situation?

  • what about your italian origin?

  • And what are you going to do?What about your Mission?Do you need any help?

  • What about the mail contact contact@aladygma.com?

  • How are Aladygma and you linked with Embassy hotel, berolina hotel Twin tOWERS, cLOVERFIELD?


  • How can we distinguish real informations from fakes(blog site etc...)

  • Who Gave the secret code to Cineblog.it?

  • what is 'Elevator Lights'?

  • What is 88?

  • -c'entrano qualcosa il Pianeta X e le profezie di fine del mondo prevista nel 2012?

  • -chi è antonio de salvo?

  • - cosa nasconde la ONE.ORG?

  • why were you lying to us

  • why were you hestitating so long?

  • sarah was in danger, and you didn't come out with the truth.

  • why are you suddenly opening up? Afraid?

  • why do you suddenly trust us?

  • why is your english so bad although you had it in school? germans are usually better in english.

  • hat is "A"? It means "Aladygma"? Is a place?

  • Are aliens abducting people and creating a mutant species?

  • Is that what happened to Sarah

  • Is it going to be a big battle?, if so; when is it going to happen?, we need to be prepared.

  • Where will your mission begin?

  • Are you telling us true, if not why

  • If it's a lie, you understand that many people belive you, what about them?

  • Where are you now?

  • How you are going to fight?

  • Can you tell us everything that you know?

  • Dany McDavid a man or a woman??

  • why have you put in your diary an image of gamma ray burst (GRB) detected on 2001 September 21 ?

  • Does Aladygma stand for Amygdala? You have drawn in your diary figures that resembles a brain slice showing both amygdalas, what do they have to do with aliens?

  • is there a "good" alien and a "bad" alien ? is the bad alien similar to the "lindwurm" ? do we need help from good alien to kill the bad one ?

  • do you plan on contacting any of the people who have offered support here? perhaps to help on your mission? or is it something you must do with only people you absolutely trust?

  • More questions, i need to ask in time... Who is Andrei? What is the price? There is a way to we help you, without you pay too high price? A small part of the aladygma hunters, maybe can make an fisical combat, we can get weapons and do something if the consequences of "they" influence are so serious... Well, i think all this is a Game, but i say before... Game or not i want to help, if this is a game, i want to play "the final stage" if not(really i dont have mutch faith in this but...) i want to fight,not "watch" and "wait"...

  • Are you working with TAGRUATO?

  • that company has something to do in all this?

  • * in your databook - what are these monsters? your imagination? your visions?

  • * Do you have visited the hospital in New York - and why?

  • * Which shoes do you have? Chucks?

  • * Have you ever been in Hannover? And are you in that youtube videos?

  • What will happen to those that get sick?

  • Are you human or a project between human and alien?

  • What is the code 4044186900712?

  • aladygma have a link with the gold number 1,61803399?

  • aladygma is it a Evangelion film?
    aladygma is a link with j.j abrams or Uwe Boll?

  • Is Aladygma related to any projects in development right now or an independent/new project.

  • Does the military know about this, and what side are they on?

  • aladygma is it a new da vinci code?

  • By 'the sad clown' do you mean the Joker?

  • In may 20th, 2012 there will be a full solar eclipse visible from Mexico. There's a Mayan omen that says the world's cycle will end in 2012. If the numbers in aladygma.com are digits from a date, they can be convined to form august 18th, 2012. Are these things related? Is the eclipse a sign of something to come? Probably the begining of the end and, august 18th the real end of world's cycle? Is Aladygma a project to try to stop world's cycle ending?? Or make it happen??

  • http://www.aladygma.com/img/dany.jpg

    is that the map to A. ?

  • Why the Lindwurm / Dragon?Why tokio, spain, paris, usa, Argentina? Why Italy?

  • Wer ist Ed Stone und wofür steht backlayer?

  • Wofür steht FTWSpace? Was ist das für eine Organisation?

  • Kennst du chriswoyw?

  • .when is the next big thing going to happen?!

  • .What dates are important to know?

  • When will you answer?

  • Did you meet JJ Abrahams?

  • Thomas is your real name?

  • And.. Did you find your Planner?


I will not give that interview to one Reporter. I can not trust them!!!!
They just want to use me!
Or they will not believe me.

I will let a Friend to ask me. I will show it on youtube. That´s the only way-the only way.
Alone. Just alone.
(I need to find the Map to A.)