Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Leader of the Humans is gone

There are people, like General Carmine, they are really doing a lot to help me from the first time they read my blog.
And a lot of other soldiers and humans, not just waiting for a answer.

Well, i believe we have to do a lot alone. If this is a Game for you or real life for me...this is not the question. The question is: how to get out of here, how to come in the zone, how to find my son. That is all we have to do.
I believe in you, in everybody helping me. Help me, to get in the Zone. Help me, to find my Son!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Pablo and the Land Rover

I got many messages about a man called Pablo, i don´t know him. But maybe is the man i called at the phone? so, anyway, that man gave me a adress. I went there...and this broken Car i should take????? I believe, someone is kidding me? or maybe, there is a reason for this?

Sunday, July 27, 2008

I have got a number

I decided for the Land Rover. Thanks for your Help.
But i had no idea how to get it. So, I was in a bar, drinking a Cappuccino, and as i was ready i felt something under the cup. There was a card, a small card, like a playing Card, with a King, a Heart King. Behind the Card was a telefon Number. I will try to call there.

Thursday, July 24, 2008


No news of my son. The Leader of Humans published a couple of video, even some human and some soldiers, but not really much. I did not really get the impression of being helped! I am alone in this tragedy. Sarah no longer, closed in its secret world. Or perhaps his brain is controlled by Aliens?
But I received a mail from Stjepan. He is still alive! I have to find the stalker Andrej, and give him the medallion. But first I must find all the things I need for travel in the Area. It will not be as easy as I thought. It will take a car. It will take perhaps weapons and I must bring to eat, to drink and other stuff.. I do not know exactly whats expecting me in the Area but one thing I am sure ... will be dangerous. Stiepjan wrote that I will get from Andrej messages. I wondered how did Andrey discover where I sleep. But can I trust this Andrej? In any case, the first messagero I found this morning under my door:

I have to decide which car to take? His he kidding me????SMART??? To go in the area certainly I need a car, ok, but I have to pay for this or what????Bizzarre, all this story is such a crazy thing.....oh my god....what should I decide...?

Saturday, July 19, 2008


For several days we arrived in Kozani. The way from Igoumenitsa here was terrible. only some sections of road were Highway, otherwise the taxi brought us up and down the mountains, curves ... horror. Sarah has vomit 3 times, and continued to pray for our son subheading.
But I am sure that humans will help us.
I can not sleep. The warm and fear, and pain for our son torture me.
I do not know what the Repliant wants from him or from me... maybe just stop me in my mission???
Or....Our son has had since birth special powers, and then I hope it will defend itself.

The birth was painful for Sarah and wanted to do it alone. I have remained outside the bathroom to wait and check that does not enter anyone. I felt so powerless. Not able to help!
Then our son was born. From the first moment on I realized the enormous eyes he has. Beautiful, but impressive. And other things were immediately clear: it is not a "normal" child. He talked about since the first day several words. He could read or listen my thought and replied. He is grown fast, and I had to buy several clothes on the shop on ship.
So I know that he has extraordinary powers.

From Kozani I will fo to the Zone A. I only know that is close (or corresponding?) With verghina. Thats what i understand from the Map.
I am sure that Stjepan B. is dead, does not answer me anymore. So I lost the possibility to know where to find the Stalker. Despite the story with my son I have to go forward, continue my mission.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My son picture


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My Son.

The soldiers here were on board the ship, controlled all people, I saw them take away a dog and a man with a hat. Sarah and I are saved ... but our son has disappeared.
Perhaps it is still on the ship? But where is the third Killer? A soldier told me not to worry, but I worry, cazzo! EVEN IF IT IS A HALF ALIEN ....It is ALWAYS MY SON!
I am so afraid.
I do not think that soldiers can help me. But I will speak with General Carmine.
I made no photos, just Videos, and before i show Sarah and my Son, must be a good Reason, but i believe, this could be a good reason, if i don´t find my son.
Will I need all the other humans?? Will someone help me?
This Killers are Repilcants, how do I know what they can do...? My Son could be everywhere ..
But the soldiers are now ontrolling the Room of the second Killer. He was a Dog, and sometimes a man, oh my God. DIo Mio ma che pazzia รจ questa, sto impazzendo io????

We arrive tomorow in Igoumenitsa, and my son is away! I have no power anymore, i feel desperate.
And I saw a shadow in the ocean , that follows us . A enormous shadow. The soldiers are also watching what's going on from their Ship. God help us-

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


The trip was nice.....till the night came!!!!!!!!!!!!
I cant explain!.... child born ...half human , half...
i can t write too long here. Stjepan warned me, they are somewhere here. They want the child, the medaillon, I know!!! and they are able to kill me and my "family"
oh my GOD

Thursday, July 3, 2008


Thank you!!!! Someone of you is really that much helping me. The ex-Stalker Boravik contacted me and told me about the Map.
he told me, he can not send me the Map.Someone want to kill him. And when this Killer see, I got the Map, they will follow me and Sarah. Shit.
Boravik told me some soldier are getting together to help me. Wich soldier>??? I became a lot of Mails from all the world but not from soldier. He told me, a General is going to put that soldier together. I believe, this is not a legal army but a self-made. Anyway, I need help. So if THIS GENERAL IS READING HERE: PLEASE CONTACT ME SO SOON AS POSSIBLE!!!! Now i know, i have to start from Venice. Why, I don´t know...but i learned, not to ask to much. Time is running. I will get the Ferry on this Week.
I must come so soon as possible to Vergina. Sarah is getting more and more ill i believe, she is really Pregnant, but in a not human. It seems to grow and grow in few days and not in Months. I am SO AFRAID OF THIS! What should I do. How will the child looks like????? Oh my God. I feel strange and SHE IS STRANGE.
But i will arrive to Vergina, I will meet the Stalker Andrei-everything MUST WORK!