Saturday, May 31, 2008

Dany and a Reporter

Ok, Dany wrote it.
I have no other chance....

1) i have to tell the Truth now. I know, there are many people searching me. But who can I trust?
2) i have to find Andrei. Sarah ist ill. And everybody will be ill, everyone that came in CONTACT. I must to A.
3) evade the military blockade that guards the A.

Yes, everybody that got the contact will get a chance to have more Power, see things that they never saw before. So this people will be better in something, but then the time will run fast and everybody will get ill. So i must be fast in my Mission and for this , i need much help. That´s why i will tell the Truth.
I will find someone to tell the Truth.
I must find! A Reporter??


In the next Days and Month will happen a lot, we have to be strong and have faith.
A. is extreme dangerous. The "meat grinder" to pass it????
I can not go there alone, and i can not live Sarah alone. Andrei will help me but the price will be high. I know what he want for this. I will tell about.
yes YOU
will find a way to help me.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Truth, Lies

Many Things has happened. My Datebook can see everyone.
But not everyone can understand it. That´s ok so. It will take time to be ready for this.

The people, that NOW can help me/us, is coming slowly and is helping me.
We are a lot of People already. But understand me, ....I can´t tell Names.

In the next time many Things will become clearer for everyone. And there will be a lot to do.
I have to do something, is a Mission. A Mission for me, for us...but also for Sarah.
She is alive, but I know she is ill. The Experiment was right, THEY had to do it, but now is Time to act. I must save her....and not only her.


Those people told on TV, aladygma should be a Game.
That´s a Lie, and i tell you why_

!!!I am real!!!!

So don´t believe them. You can see, also the TV-Website had a hidden Link to the Site. There are many People working on this "Thing", trying to close our eyes. People working for Big Companies. There are some things, that should not know everyone, ok, but what they are doing now, that is too crazy, to call it a Game.
Dont´t trust anyone!

Friday, May 2, 2008


Someone wrote me about this YouTube Link:
and....YES that is my Datebook!
What i do not understand, is WHY do he show it at YouTube??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!
Seems not to be someone of them. They all do everything "Top Secret".
Such an Idiot, to show how he get in my room... What does he think, he is a Hero or what???

I should talk to the Police, but they will not really help me, I know this now.
For all the good people that are helping me: Please, say that guy, he should give me the Datebook back! That would be better for him.