Sunday, September 21, 2008


Since I was by NG_Mui, in Meteora, I feel much stronger. I have learned so much.
She would like to make me become a hero, a sort of super hero, but well....I am not. Not yet. I am a simple person.
But I will do everything in order to save Sarah and to find my son !
The new Leader of the Humans, Jay Novello, makes a very good job. Even General Carmine and all other Officers Soldiers!

Last Night Ng_Mui had a vision, has seen a woman who should know more about my son. This woman has her diary or Notes hidden in a house near the elevator. I have got the Adress.
Someone was following me like a shadow, that´s the reason i am Running in the Film. Sorry.


Stephen Micheal said...
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Anonymous said...

Be ready,Im Near The Monster.......Iv'e seen you running,Its ready for battle get your army ready NOW!