Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Thanks for all your question. This is a lot... i will try to answer the more i can.
i am writing with my left Hand bacause i had a fight and my right arm is broken. so it will take some days to make the video. please be patient.


Der Merzmensch said...

Are you OK there? Who have you fighting with?
Get well soon!

Take care,

Anonymous said...

thomas, in what language do the video interview?


Blitzechse said...

Altough i'm from Germany, i ll write in english, so everyone can understand me (STRG+A):
>>I did, what Thomas told me to do. I was by Jasella, Germany, this drier was the sale of the century. Just like Dany (Daniela) loves.
She thought, is a present. It wasn´t. I thought she was taking a bad, she wasn´t- it didn´t work.<<

What did u do to Mary that she tried to kill Daniela Mc David? It's not only jealousy, isn't it?
Why does she call both, Sarah and Daniela, snakes?

Why have u been in the hospital in Dec 2007? What changed your person there that much that Mary described you as complete other person?

>> I visited him in the hospital. He another guy. << >> Now I know, something is wrong with me. And with Thomas.<<

And, finally, why does Mary blame u a murderer?

>>Nothing do anymore with you Mr. Dahlem you are a Morder.
They are following me, but they know now about you."

Could it be, that u are hurt, because u fought an other person yourself? You have not been attacked, or? It's u that is attacking.

rail a si samoht

stop lying, if u want our help

Дятлов said...

а не оборзел ли? или те так лучше, a ne oborzel li?

amonloki said...

Ciao Thom!!!

Senti...ho raggruppato un po' di gente...siamo davvero tanti...tutti pronti a darti una mano.

Se tutto ciò che hai detto dovesse essere vero, allora sappi che noi siamo qui ad aspettare un tuo, Carmine, Maxyeah, Room211...e tanti, tanti altri...

Se vuoi:

Spero che il tuo braccio guarisca presto...e se non dovesse essere così, sappi che ne hai tanti di riserva...

Benjamin said...

can you left a post, with all the response to the question or make subtitles on the video please

I am a deaf person

thanks !

Blogueros said...

thomas, post that video, just like you said, dont play with us.

Anonymous said...

Who was the guys that hurt you? Are you all right?

Raziel said...

Me and Amonloki are gonna do it for ya if they'll speak english.


amonloki said...

come sempre, quoto.;-)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

thomas is a liar


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

what is kokalafotis?

Sam said...

kokala fotis means...."your bones my light" ...
it`s a phrase from mary...a friend of thomas!
But she is, don't worry about it...`
we all are insane...
help us...
we going to..


Anonymous said...

Does the new video lie beyond this newest puzzle? How long do we wait for the code this time?

Anonymous said...


Fotis, Kafatos
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Kokala is village in Greece, and Africa.

Blitzechse said...

@ sam: look closer at mary's blog - shes not that much mental ill. Danielle McDavid describes some of the scenes from mary's blog, too. (look her up)

However: Someone wrote on a website, that kokalafotis means "going through fire". "Your Bones, my light" specifies that remark. No clue yet, what it might mean.

@ anonymous: look at the name - the biologist ist spelled kafatos, not kokala. What should connect them?

@ the other anonymous:
I dont think we will get a code again for the beige portal, because the last code was the barcode of TDs diary.

Anonymous said...

Заебал со своими загадками, давай ответы пидорас сука!

theprolifealadygma said...

Thomas, I hope that you get better and take as much time as you need to make the video. I'll be waiting, and so will everyone else.

Anonymous said...