Saturday, May 31, 2008

Dany and a Reporter

Ok, Dany wrote it.
I have no other chance....

1) i have to tell the Truth now. I know, there are many people searching me. But who can I trust?
2) i have to find Andrei. Sarah ist ill. And everybody will be ill, everyone that came in CONTACT. I must to A.
3) evade the military blockade that guards the A.

Yes, everybody that got the contact will get a chance to have more Power, see things that they never saw before. So this people will be better in something, but then the time will run fast and everybody will get ill. So i must be fast in my Mission and for this , i need much help. That´s why i will tell the Truth.
I will find someone to tell the Truth.
I must find! A Reporter??


In the next Days and Month will happen a lot, we have to be strong and have faith.
A. is extreme dangerous. The "meat grinder" to pass it????
I can not go there alone, and i can not live Sarah alone. Andrei will help me but the price will be high. I know what he want for this. I will tell about.
yes YOU
will find a way to help me.


Anonymous said...

What? A reporter?

Anonymous said...

What's A. and, if you need help, contact me.

Anonymous said...

But you're not exactly making friends there...

Sebastian said...

I want help you!!!

Sebastian said...

We all want help you!!!

Anonymous said...

i want help you
contact me:

ViolettaDenerge said...

Well, I think it's already too late.

You lied to us for too many weeks. You could have trusted us, you could have spoken to us. But you set up everything and you did horrible things to your friends.

You are either really stupid or evil. I won't help you anymore, my dear Thomas. Go to your mistress Dany.

Noah Butler said...

please contact me for any help or research you may need help with.