Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Crazy internet world!!!

So, i started this Blog just for fun, and today i think about closing it!
I got so many bad mails, because of my english. I said, i can not so good english!
I said i am german. And i don´t understand why i got so many Visitors! Someone told about a Thomas Student in a Site, and now all the World believe i am that one? I still don´t know wich homepage told about me, but what s the meaning of this???

That´s funny but also scarry me. Strange is that people asking me what ist about the Room 211. I believe someone is joking with me, and i don´t know why. I never told about that room! Just on you tube i wrote "room 211" because the room 211 is the room where do i will live with my Girlfriend in Austria. But where exactly, i will never say! I believe someone want to joke with us and that could be dangerous.
I got also a really scary, serious E-Mail from a organisation, telling me about something i should be afraid for, and THAT`S NOT REALLY FUNNY VOLKS!!!!!!
I don´t believe in those UFO/Alien Abduction *'#@!!!

So, that´s all,




gainax vol.2 said...

THATS STUPID, many mails? what is your mail? and i dont see any cascade of comments, so, how do you explain this things...

vist my blog ;)

Chp said...

Sorry to continue this..but
Why you put room 211 in your tag of Your YouTube Videos?

Didnt you never say about that number? =D
The Date of the video is before your post.
I cath you.


Chp said...


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I didnt want to do nothing complicated, just put the puzzle pieces in their place... you will need to think more on your actions, or you wanted to be cathed?

Sorry about this, but you lie -_-

Also, I think that you tel somthing about in a post, I didnt care... it was a march post >=D

Anonymous said...

John, I've looked at this, too. MRM

kolorex said...


Anonymous said...

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